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Who’s the better Gunner; Kiel or Stahl?


The internet is buzzing today because Gunner Kiel, one of the highest rated QBs in the country enrolled at Notre Dame.  I am not one of the Notre Dame fans doing cartwheels over this news.  Here is what we know about Gunner Kiel so far…he was originally committed to Indiana.  Indiana football hasn’t been relevant…ever.  His older brother, Dusty, was at IU and had two years of eligibility remaining when Kiel originally committed.  Dusty Kiel lost the starting job and the Hoosiers went 1-11. Kiel then switched his committment to LSU in December before switching again yesterday.  This tells me that Kiel is impulsive and indecisive.  Not exactly the best traits for a QB.  Secondly, the kid is an ugo.  I mean just look at that picture above.  If I have learned one thing about football as a Patriots fan its that if you want to win big your QB needs to be HOT FIRE.  I just don’t see an albino with a weird mullet instilling a lot of confidence in his teammates.

I watched Kiel play twice this year on ESPNU and also watched that Elite 11 documentary.  At no point did Kiel impress me.  His arm is good, not great. He seems a little quiet and didn’t perform all that well in the Elite 11 camp.  He couldn’t bring home an Indiana state championship his senior year, and most importantly…he isn’t a spread quarterback.  I am firmly in the Everett Golson camp going forward.  He is athletic, accurate, more accomplished, and has run the spread offense for 5 years now.  Over his last two seasons in high school Golson threw for 5900 yards, 69 TDs, and only 4 INTS.  That’s unbelievable.  The only knock on him is his size.  I think Golson is the second coming of Troy Smith. That is the type of QB the Irish need going forward.

So back to the original question, Which Gunner are you taking? Gunner Kiel, the ugo albino QB or Gunner Stahl, the guy who got stoned by a girl in a shootout and cost his team a championship?

PS: The ND QB depth chart in 2012 should go Golson, Hendrix, Kiel, Rees.

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