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Et tu Bears?

(Sun Times)–The Bears began interviewing for their general-manager vacancy Monday by talking with New England Patriots director of pro personnel Jason Licht. They are looking to replace Jerry Angelo, who was fired Jan. 3. Licht, 40, got his first NFL job as a scouting assistant with the Miami Dolphins in 1995. He joined the Patriots as a college scout in 1999, then became the Philadelphia Eagles’ assistant director of player personnel in 2002. He was promoted to vice president of player personnel in 2003. After a year with the Arizona Cardinals, Licht returned to the Patriots as director of pro personnel in February 2009. Phil Emery of the Kansas City Chiefs, Jimmy Raye of the San Diego Chargers and Marc Ross of the New York Giants will interview for the job later this week. Bears player-personnel director Tim Ruskell also will be interviewed.

Well it’s mid-January, which means its time for other football organizations to start trying to fix all of their problems by hiring one of Belichick’s lemmings.  It’s a January tradition as old as time. Looks like the Bears are going to be the next team to try to steal some of that Belichick magic. The Bears’ GM search is on and at the top of their list is Patriots’ Director of Pro Personnel Jason Licht.  I don’t know one thing about Jason Licht, except that I know he doesn’t know anything.  Here is the problem with trying to hire Belichick’s guys…they aren’t Belichick.

These guys are a dime a dozen…

There is only one…


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