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It’s just snow people, RELAX


Hey everyone…IT’S JUST SNOW!!! It snowed last winter, and the previous billion winters in a row.  Get over it.  I seriously don’t get what the big deal is.  If you live in Illinois or basically anywhere that there aren’t mountains, snow effing sucks.  It’s the worst.  It takes like 12x longer to get anywhere because people instantly become senile drivers the second one flake sticks to the ground.  When I was a kid living in New Hampshire I used to get really fired up for snow.  It meant maybe a day off from school, sledding, skiing, building awesome igloo forts, and snow ball fights in the neighborhood.  You know what it means now?  It means shoveling, scraping ice off your windshield, and traffic.  It even makes the thing I love most about winter more difficult.  Snow ruins pond hockey.  By the time you get everything shoveled you are basically spent.  Then instead of that beautiful, fast, clear, black, smooth sheet of perfection, the pond turns into a bumpy, slow, white, piece of pressure cracked shit that swallows up pucks.  So excuse me if I am not jumping up and down for snow.

PS: It is pretty, which is why I like it to snow on Christmas Eve, but be melted by Boxing Day.


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