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Scotland seeking independence from United Kingdom

(Newser)–Scottish voters will finally get their chance to throw off the, er, iron hand of Queen Elizabeth in 2014, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has announced. Salmond’s Scottish National Party has long argued that Scotland should seek independence from the UK, and Salmond wants a referendum on it held just after the 700th anniversary of a renowned Scottish victory over the English at Bannockburn, the Wall Street Journalreports. But that date is more distant than London lawmakers would like. David Cameron wants the vote held ASAP, and recently blasted the SNP for stalling. “It’s not a referendum they want, it’s a ‘neverendum,'” he quipped. The UK maintains that Scotland doesn’t have the right to unilaterally vote for independence, but has agreed to help organize a binding vote—as long as it’s held soon, among eligible voters and under UK election monitors. They also only want a simple yes-or-no vote, whereas Salmond wants to add a middle option transferring some power to Edinburgh.

So looks like Scotland just gets to vote their way out of British rule.  William Wallace must be just spinning in his grave.  I can’t believe the UK will just let the Scottish people talk their way out of their country.  But I mean how do you argue with people like  this…

Absolute wordsmiths.

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