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I am soooo over Justin Bieber

This isn’t easy because I have been pretty vocal about my love for Bieber in this space, but sometimes you just gotta take a stand.  I have very few convictions and standards for character, but The Biebs is breaking rule number one.  I hate people with more than one favorite team.  Like Biebs, how can you be a fan of the Leafs, Jets, Flyers, Kings, Rangers, and…THE CANUCKS!?!?! I own apparel of two hockey teams.  My first favorite team as a child, the Whalers, and of course the Blackhawks.  The Whale died so I adopted the Hawks when I moved to Chicago. That’s it.  You know who I root for if the Blackhawks get knocked out(god forbid)…NOBODY.  I go into mourning.  I still watch the playoffs, but I somehow I manage to hate everyone the same except for Vancouver who I hate about a billion percent more.  Meanwhile, people like Biebs just shrug their shoulders and pick a new team to root for.  Hopping on and off bandwagons like some kind of hockey whore.  Unacceptable.  I just can’t respect people like that.  So Bieber, I have to turn my back on you.  It stings, but I am gonna get out now before your life comes crashing down.  A guy with no heart can’t stay on top forever.

PS: The Bieber Christmas album sucked.

PPS: I am more jealous of Bieber for hanging out with Hank Lundqvist than I am of him for banging Selena Gomez.

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