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So… Derrick Rose is doing pretty well for himself

(Sporting News)–Derrick Rose could soon be adding a nine-figure shoe deal to his $94 million  basketball contract. ESPN.com reported Friday that the Chicago Bulls point  guard and reigning NBA MVP is nearing agreement with adidas on a so-called  “lifetime” contract that could pay him as much as $250 million over 10 years. Derrick Rose already is a rich man. Adidas wants to make him  even richer. One reason for adidas’ willingness to pay, according to ESPN.com’s Marc  Stein: Rose is adidas’ strongest competition to Nike endorser Kobe Bryant in  China. Rose outsells Nike’s LeBron James in that country, according to Stein’s  sources. Adidas also employs Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, as NBC Sports  notes.


“Hey Lebron, tell me how my ass tastes. Sincerely, Derrick Rose.”

I think Obama needs to write Derrick Rose a thank you letter because the taxes DRose is gonna pay this April might single-handedly solve the national debt crisis.  Derrick Rose is m-effing RICH!!! God bless America.  Just shows that working hard and staying humble still pays off.  Best part of this whole thing is that Rose is worth so much because he is murdering Lebron in sales in China.  Even the Chinese think Lebron is a d-bag.


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