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Kanye West is apparently into fashion. Oh…and also…he’s crazy

(BuzzFeed)–Kanye West tweeted non-stop for almost two hours last night. He ranted about his fashion career, the possibility of him working on a Jetsons movie, his love-hate relationship with the Grammys, and how he’s putting together a collection of doctors, “app guys,” car designers, and other “doper minds than [his]” that will create things as a part of a company called DONDA. DONDA will have 22 divisions. It’s basically Entertainment 720 from “Parks and Rec”. I hope he was high, because this was “cray.”   


Dude, Kanye…it’s called a press release.  Ever heard of it?  Call me crazy, but I don’t think the best way to announce that you are trying to start a legitimate business venture in the fashion industry is to bombard twitter for two hours with incoherant ridiculousness.  That’s just me.

That’s not really the point of this blog though.  I don’t care if Kanye loves women’s shoes or not.  The point is the guy has reached a new low in terms of being an asshole.  I am still relatively new to the whole twitter thing, but if there is one thing I hate it’s people who dominate my timeline.  “Taj makes FT 1 of 2 #SeeRed #GoBulls” then two seconds later “Taj makes the second FT. #seered”…like hey honey…who gives a shit?  It’s the second quarter and I am watching the game.  I don’t need a whole play by play.  For Kanye to go on a 2-hour rant about his life long love for being gay just proves what an ego-maniac he is.  Show some class Kanye.


PS: when I first found this picture I thought it was Kanye showing his love for fashion by licking the head of a manican…but NOPE.  That’s a real live human head he is slobbering on.  The shaved head belongs to Amber Rose…whoever that is.

PPS: If you want to see all bazillion tweets click on the link to the article.


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