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Little girl Bears fan throws a fit

I am going to give this little girl the same advice I gave to the White Sox girl last week…GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN.  You are little.  You are still allowed to switch teams.  Between the ages 4 and 6 I probably changed my favorite football team like 8 times before the Patriots drafted Drew Bledsoe and I was then a Pats fan for life.  Point is…this girl can put on that Rodgers jersey now, and leave it on forever.  Or…she can return it for that Hester jersey and live a miserable life talking about how great the Bears were in 1985.  I am  a Pats fan, but I have a soft spot for the Bears, I really do want them to do well.  The NFL is just better when the Bears are good.  The fact of the matter is that the Chicago Bears are a joke of an organization and aren’t going to be a serious Superbowl contender any time soon.  Everything that transpired this week proves it.

Jerry Angelo deserved to be fired, but the Bears have put themselves in an awkward situation by retaining Lovie Smith.  I think Lovie is a fine coach, but the organization really can’t move forward unless they relieved Smith as well.  Whoever the new GM is will eventually want to hire is own coach.  So Lovie is on borrowed time.  He really needs everything to come together next season and make the playoffs in order to save his job.  Yet, even still he decided to fire Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz.  I believe that Lovie and Martz had “a real difference in philosophy” and that Martz is an ego-maniac dickhead of epic proportions, but didn’t Lovie know that when he hired him?  Martz’s reputation as a pass-happy arrogant asshole is widely known.  If he had such a difference in philosophy Lovie never should have brought him on to his staff in the first place.  Now the Bears have put Cutler and the rest of the offense in a position where they need learn their third offensive system since 2009.  And…furthermore, who can the Bears get as an offensive coordinator if the coaching staff’s future is murky at best?  If things go poorly in 2012 the Bears could be learning their 4th offensive system in 2013.  At that point the Bears’ already aging defense will be over the hill. Peanut Tillman will be 32, Briggs and Peppers 33, and future Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher will be 35. The defense will need a major overhaul at that point, and thanks to Angelo’s draft record the Bears don’t exactly have a bunch of young studs ready to take on bigger roles.

This organization has essentially wasted a decade when they had two great linebackers, one of the best overall defenses perennially, and arguably the best Special Teams Units in the NFL by failing to compliment them with even a decent offense.  Now, even with great talent in place at quarterback and running back(for now) the offense is in flux.  By the time they get it going, Chicago fans might be saying “man, if we only had a defense…”.

PS: Torturing your own kids looks so fun.

PPS: That little girl seems like a peach huh? Remind me never to have kids.

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