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I didn’t go to DePaul, but as a Chicago basketball fan who HATES the NBA I want the Blue Demons to be a national power so bad I can taste it.  I am pretty much consumed by it.  Everyone knows that you need guard play to win in March, so DePaul needs to get on the horn with this kid immediately.  Get the same kid who took Derrick Rose’s ACT to take them again and get this kid enrolled.  I need this blog to blow up so I can be some rich booster.  I’d give this kid all the skittles, gushers, and Hi-Cs he could ever want. DePaul needs to act fast before this kid goes and commits to Big State.

PS:  The 6 year-old who got his ankles broken at the 1:16 mark…get that kid a trumpet because his basketball career is over.  No way he can recover from that mentally.


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  1. michaela
    December 21, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    the ball is as big as he is!

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