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Check out this old broad shooting pucks and winning trucks.

This lady is like literally living my dream right here.  I have been to hundreds of Blackhawks games since 2005 and I haven’t been picked to shoot the puck in between periods once.  Like what does a guy have to do to get picked for this thing?  Here is how it will play out when I do finally get selected.  First shot:  I am just going to rocket a slap shot as hard as I can.  Really crank it hit it right off the top of the cross-bar so makes a loud ping sound.  Chicks would be so turned on.  I’d have them waiting for me back at my seats. Then with my second shot I would show finesse.  100 foot sauce pass that just lays flat and slides in for the win.  Then for my last shot and a trip anywhere in the world I would just walk up and snap it in like it ain’t no thang.  Just bury it.  Then turn and ask Sarah Kustok where she wants me to take her.  No doubt her answer would be “my apartment”.

PS:  Sarah Kustok is hot, right?  I am not just imagining her being hot in between periods of the Blackhawk games am I?  I searched the internet long and hard and the pic above was the best I could find.  No slutty or even hot pics of her anywhere.  Give me something to work with Google.

PPS: That guy doing the play-by-play is TERRIBLE

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