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Hey Uzbekistan…ride escalators much?

(Daily Mail)–We have no idea how people in New York contended with the world’s first escalator when it was unveiled their over a hundred years ago. But now thanks to footage from a craftily placed CCTV camera in a shopping centre in Uzbekistan – and the magic of online video sharing – we can take a guess. These pictures show Uzbek shoppers as they try to get to grips with an escalator for the first time – and luckily they seem to have a much better understanding of the emergency stop button.

Are you kidding me Uzbeks?  I mean it’s an escalator, it’s not rocket science.  Even Buddy The Elf figured out how to ride an escalator and he’s a Christmas Elf(well technically he’s a human raised by elves).

It’s videos like this that confirm to me that America will always be a super power.  We have rule of law, democracy, and we can figure out escalators.  Nobody will ever fully rise above America.  Not China, not Iran, not Brazil, and certainly not Uzbekistan.


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  1. michaela
    December 21, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    haha this is unbelievable

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