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Mike Milbury charged with assaulting 12 year-old that probably had it coming


(Yahoo!)–WCVB TV in Boston is reporting today that NBC and CBC hockey analyst Mike Milbury has been charged with allegedly assaulting a child at a local hockey rink last week. According to WCVB, Milbury is an assistant coach for a youth team in Brookline, Mass. and the 12-year old alleged victim is a player from another team in the league.

Some more details from the Boston Herald:

Police today said they have charged Milbury with assault and battery on a child, threats to commit a crime and disorderly conduct in connection with his alleged verbal and physical attack on a 12-year-old boy during a pee-wee exhibition hockey game last Friday night at the town-owned Larz Anderson Rink in Brookline.

The Herald reports that Milbury’s son got into a tussle during a game and afterwards the former NHL player and general manager went onto the ice and “verbally berated and grabbed and shook” the alleged victim. CBC and NBC have not responded to requests for comment at the moment. We’ll update this as more information comes available.

I am sure people will be calling NBC and CBC trying to get Mike Milbury at least fired and at best executed for allegedly assaulting a 12 year-old kid.  I am not one of those people.  I am a Milbury guy.  Anybody who hates Pierre MacGuire, Russians, and the Vancouver Canucks is ok in my book.  And I am not condoning hitting children, if he did it, but let’s get real here….middle school aged kids are the worst.  Like bottom of the barrel.  Easily the most annoying group of people on the planet. They are worse than PETA and feminists combined.  I am sure this kid was being a little shit and Milbury grabbed him by the collar and spoke sternly to him.  No harm no foul.


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