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Chicago strip club starts toys for (rhymes with tot) Merry Christmas indeed

(Huffington Post)–A Chicago strip club is offering free lap dances to customers who donate toys as part of their now-annual “Lap Dances for the Needy” event. The Admiral Theater (NSFW) , 3940 W. Lawrence Ave., kicks off its toy drive Monday and will offer the free lap dance deal until Saturday, Dec. 17. Donated gifts must be new, and while bringing more than one would help local children, participants will only receive one lap dance per customer, per visit — regardless of how many toys they bring in. Chicagoist reports that the campaign brought in “five car loads” of new toys last year, which were donated to area churches. Last year, the event was held during the Admiral’s “12 Days Of XXX-Mas,” A.V. Club Chicago reported. That celebration included “girls dressed up like erotically charged elves” and “a stripperfied rendition of The Nutcracker.” This year, participants can catch Nude Pillow Fighting during the toy drive, where strippers will compete for the “Snow Bunny Queen” title. The pillow fighting starts Monday night.


Look it, the economy sucks and times are tough.  There are lots of needy kids out there that deserve to have a good christmas.  Finally somebody is stepping up to the plate to make a difference in this world.  This time of year we should all take our talents to help those less fortunate.  So I am pleading with everyone out there….go get a lap dance.  Do it for the kids.

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