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Number one reason to use a condom

How on earth can anybody think this is funny?  This kid effing destroyed the kitchen and wasted all that dog food and milk and didn’t give a shit about it.  If this was my kid I would lose my mind and for sure would not want it on video.  This kid even had the balls to yell at his dad that he wasn’t gonna clean it up and that his dad was.  Kids seem like such a nightmare.  Having said that…I am really more disturbed by the dad in this video.  Just not setting any rules or boundaries.  His little baby is bossing him around.  Fast forward 20 years and this little punk will no doubt be Occupying Wall Street.  He’ll just go through his entire childhood having his parents tell him all the shit he causes is just so precious and adorable while his coaches give him a participation trophy.  And people wonder why our country is going down the drain.  You think this shit would fly in China? For sure NOT.  They aren’t going to raise their one chance at a kid to be some kind of social deviant.  America’s parents need to get on the ball.

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