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Bill Cosby loves Tebow


Bill Cosby perfectly summed up how I feel about Tim Tebow.  I mean yeah, for 90% of this video I had no idea what he was talking about.  Joe Kapp?  That’s the old dude who got into a fight last week at the CFL Hall of Fame.  Probably a ridiculous comparison because I don’t think the forward pass hadn’t been invented yet, but that’s not the point.  I like Tebow.  I like how he plays hard.  He is intense.  I like that he throws his beliefs in everyone’s face.  Not because I am religious(I’m not) but because this is America where we have freedom of religion guaranteed to us.  I feel like people who hate him are the same people who call Christmas parties “holiday” or “winter” parties.  I’ll never understand how people get so angry at Tebow for his religion.  It doesn’t affect people in any way.  So keep doing your thing Tebow.  If you hate one of Cosby’s guys you absolutely have no soul.  Everyone, by law, has to love Cosby.


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