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PETA announces this week that it hates Mario and Thanksgiving

(Newser)–PETA’s latest target isn’t exactly a celeb with a penchant for hitting the red carpet in fur. It’s Mario. From the Nintendo game. No, seriously. PETA explains that in the game Super Mario 3D Land, the graphic character will do anything it takes to conquer his enemy and save the princess—”even wearing the skin of a raccoon dog to give him special powers. Tanooki may be just a suit in the game, but in real life tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur.” Ergo, every time he dons his Tanooki suit, Mario sends a pro-fur message. The Los Angeles Times points out that while the suit does give Mario the ability to sail through the air and attack villains with his tail, it appears to him from magic squares—no horrific animal slaughter involved. PETA, however, doesn’t shy away from such slaughter: Its site features an awful video of a tanuki being bludgeoned and skinned; there, you’ll also find PETA’s Super Tanooki Skin 2D videogame, in which a skinned Tanooki goes after Mario in a bid to get his fur back. GeekSugar notes that the Tanooki tail is nothing new; click to read when Mario first donned it.

Alright PETA, that is enough.  If you guys want to make some kind of animal friendly/disgusting porn site…fine.  You want to make laws for when you move to Mars…great.  You want to give animals the right to vote…ok, but I draw the line at attacking my dogs, my holiday, and the Mario Bros.  The question is if I wouldn’t eat my dog, why would I eat a turkey?…umm because turkey is delicious and eating my dog would be effing disgusting.  You’d have to be crazy and/or Chinese to think eating your dog was a good idea.  I hate my dogs, but I still don’t want to eat them.  And if telling you to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner, your dog, and America wasn’t enough…now PETA is saying that they hate Mario…of MARIO BROTHERS.  Umm…WTF did they ever do to you?  They are just hard-working immigrants trying to make a buck in America.  They seem to love Yoshi, that pet dragon they have.  Mario looks like he is saving a turtle in the picture above for Christ sake.  What more could PETA want from a fictional character?

I dare a PETA person to eat a drumstick while playing Mario Cart and listening to the football game and tell me its a bad time.


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