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This guy should be dead

This is the biggest story in the sports world right now and rightfully so.  I don’t have much to say on this other than this guy needs to be dead.  40 counts of sexual assault of children.  Part of me feels bad for Joe Paterno.  It’s a terrible way for him to go out…but he isn’t guilt free here.  You can’t find out that a guy on your staff sodamized children and just send a memo to your Athletic Director.  I am sorry.  That’s not good enough.  Paterno is the man on that campus.  Nobody is more powerful than he.  Paterno needed to act.  He needed to call the police or use frontier justice immediately.  Paterno’s lack of action in this scenario should cost him the exit of a legend.  He shouldn’t be allowed to coach another game.

Furthermore, the President of Penn State University also needs to be fired for…ABSCENSE.  Where the hell is this guy? They have mismanaged this situation from the very beginning.  Cancelling Paterno’s press conference today was the final straw in my opinion.  I have no problem with not sending Paterno up against a media firing squad alone.  He is 84 years and couldn’t possibly handle that situation.  What the President should have done is walk up there with Paterno and a lawyer and just take it.  There is no avoiding this situation.  Its a horrible black mark on Penn State and you save face by sticking your head in the sand.


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