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LOCKS OF THE CENTURY: College Football Week 7

I have been pretty much killing it in my picks lately.  Just fleecing the sports books left and right.  Winners on the reg.  Parlay the following picks if you want to be a thousandaire by sunday morning

Wisconsin (-7) at Michigan State

Wisconsin is a well oiled machine at this point and yet the BCS still disrespected them.  The Badgers have plenty of motivation to beat the absolute shit out of an overrated Michigan State team.  The Badgers will roll in this one.

Kansas State (-10.5) at Kansas

Inter-state rivalry game here so the spread is probably a lot smaller than it should be.  Kansas sucks.  I don’t think they could win the MAC conference this year.  K-State just keeps winning.  Undefeated, disrespected, and flying under the radar.

Wake Forest (-3) at Duke


Ok, full disclosure…I don’t know shit about Wake Forest…except that they will beat Duke by more than 3.

Auburn (+21) at LSU

So you’re probably thinking…”Man, what is this guy thinking?!?! He must be crazy“…yeah, crazy like a fox.  I think LSU’s offense is terrible, and Auburn is getting better every day.  I liked this game before LSU suspended a handful of starters for being on drugs.  I don’t think they win, but Auburn covers the 21.

Oklahoma State (-7) at Missouri

I know OKST is on the road, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hang 40+ on Mizzou.  No way the Tigers keep this within a touchdown


That looks like an easy five for five.  60% of the time I am right every time.  Straight cash homie.


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