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Carson Palmer to Raiders for two 1st rd picks. Al Davis still running shit

(ESPN)–Oakland and Cincinnati are on the verge of completing one of the NFL’s biggest trade-deadline deals in decades, with the Raiders acquiring holdout quarterback Carson Palmer from the Bengals in exchange for two first-round picks, according to sources familiar with the deal. The first first-round pick is in 2012 and the other is a conditional first-round pick in 2013. It’s a bold move for each team. Cincinnati is empowering a team it could be competing against for a playoff spot or even in the postseason. The Raiders are turning over another high pick for a quarterback that has been holding out and has struggled in recent seasons when some around the league questioned his arm strength. But ultimately, both sides believed it to be a gamble worth taking.

WOWZA!!! I don’t think there has ever been a trade that more perfectly summed up two terribly run franchises than this one.  The Bengals are trading a once very good quarterback to a team that they could be in direct competition with for a playoff spot.  Meanwhile the Raiders are mortgaging their future by giving away two first round picks for a guy that hasn’t been good in years and has shown no interest in playing football this season.  Somewhere Al Davis is smiling at this one.  Classic Raiders and classic bungles.

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