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Nazis and Communists publicly endorse #Occupy Movement…ouch

(Daily Caller)–In a move that may redefine the term “strange bedfellows,” the American Nazi Party issued an official endorsement of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement on Sunday afternoon. The announcement put the organization, a self-described “National Socialist” political party, in company with the Socialist Party USA, which explained its own support for the left-wing protesters in a nationwide conference call last Tuesday night, crediting organized labor with the protests’ strength and sophistication to date. The American Nazi Party is the most politically sophisticated U.S. remnant — but by no means the only one — of white supremacist Adolph Hitler’s murderous 20th century movement. The party calls Hitler’s Mein Kampf “an ideological blueprint for healthy Aryan survival.” In its statement on Sunday, the Westland, Mich.-based Nazi party wrote that the Occupy Wall Street protests are “TAYLOR [sic] MADE for National Socialists, as well as WN [White Nationalists] who are serious about DOING SOMETHING.” “I urgently URGE all of you,” the statement’s unnamed author added, “to TAKE PART and JOIN IN when these protests hit your neck of the woods. Produce some flyers EXPLAINING the ‘JEW BANKER’ influence — DON’T wear anything marking you as an ‘evil racist’ — and GET OUT THERE and SPREAD the WORD!” While Nazis seem unenthusiastic about visibly linking their flagship organization to the vocal protests that have popped up in dozens of U.S. cities, the same can’t be said of the Communist Party USA. John Bachtell, an Illinois-based community organizer and Communist Party USA board member, addressed the “Occupy Chicago” protest on Saturday. “I bring greetings and solidarity from the Communist Party,” Bachtell said to hoots and applause. “We are here, marching side-by-side. We’ll sleep here. We’ll be with this movement ’til the very – ’til we make all the changes that we know we have to make.”

I have been back and forth on this whole Occupy everywhere movement.  At first I just thought it was a bunch of hipster douche bags protesting for the sake of protesting.  Every interview I saw made it seem like nobody actually knew why they were there, but protesting is the new hotness so they were all in.  I basically hated everything about every person I saw on YouTube or the news being interviewed for it.  Then Kanye West and Russell Simmons said that it was about getting money out of government and letting the people govern…I was all in.  I can put up with hipster morons if the movement gets results like that.  Now…I am back to square one.  Nothing kills positive momentum quite like endorsements from both the Nazi Party and the Communist Party.  I really can’t be in a team photo with old hippies, homeless guys, hipster douche bag 20-somethings, Nazis, and Communists.  I need to figure out once and for all what this movement is all about.  So I will be heading down to Grant Park and interviewing people of the 99%.
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  1. michaela
    October 17, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    these movements are put on by people who are hoping for the downfall of our capitalist market and therefore hoping for a downfall of american greatness

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