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Seals are totally attention whores

(Daily Mail)–This cheeky chap is clearly desperate to get the seal of approval after popping up and posing for pictures. The extrovert elephant seal shocked onlookers by springing into action while photographers tried to capture a group of royal penguins at Saint Andrew’s Bay in South Georgia near The Falklands. The fame-hungry seal surprised the excited crowd by suddenly appearing from behind a dune before disappearing and re-appearing several times in an apparent bid to dominate the photo shoot. An elephant seal pops up next to the king penguins on South Georgia island in the Falklands. The seal posed 15 times for photographers who were trying to take pictures of the penguins. French photographer, Michel Watson, captured the entire comic episode on camera while cruising through Antarctica with his wife and several other photographers. Mr Watson, 64, from Alsace said: ‘I was about to take a picture of the penguins when suddenly from the other side of the dune appeared a young elephant seal.’It stood for about six seconds just staring at us before going back down and disappearing. ‘A few seconds later he was standing again and he did this at least 15 times. The whole thing was very bizarre and lasted a good five minutes.’Soon everyone was trying to get the timing right to get good pictures of the seal rather than the penguins.’ ‘Each time he looked more and more surprised to see us there because I don’t think he was used to seeing humans.’The elephant seal was around two metres tall and can weigh more than 6,600 pounds. ‘We were only a couple of metres away but I wasn’t scared, it was such a funny moment,’ said Mr Watson.

Everyone has seen these guys out at the bar.  You’re trying to take a picture of your group and some bro trying to be funny jumps in and ruins it.  This Elephant Seal is just such an attention whore.  Like, dude, we got a few of you already now we need a couple of just the penguins this time.  One time is ok, but twice is annoying.
PS: Chip Kelly would flip a shit on this Elephant Seal
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