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Five Predictions For the Bears vs Lions Game

Well it’s actually six predictions, but Clubber Lang is bringing you one…


1. Bears get off to a quick start.

This is probably the biggest game for the Lions in the last 20 years.  Ford Field will be electric.  I think the Lions are a little too amped up.  I think they have a couple costly penalties, missed tackles from over aggressive angles, and maybe a turnover as they settle into the game.

2. Matt Forte is targeted at least 10 times in the passing game

Forte is by far the Bears best offensive weapon, but running him into the teeth of the Lions defense is probably not the best way to get him the ball today.  If the Bears can get Forte matched up against linebackers and safeties, it gives their offense its best chance.

3. Megatron goes NUTS

Lets be honest here…Megatron is a FREAK.  The Bears don’t have anybody that can stick with him and safety help really can’t be relied upon because Hollaman and Major Wright are both morons.  Calvin Johnson is going to get his.  The Bears need to make sure they aren’t burned by the likes of Jahvid Best, Burleson, and Pettigrew

4. Bears will turn the ball over at least two times

Communication always seems to be an issue for Cutler, the line, and his receivers.  Add in what should be the most hostile crowd they have faced in a long time and it should lead to big time pressure on Jay.  He will probably force a couple of throws and he will be sacked repeatedly of course.  One of those sacks will cause a fumble.

5. SCORE: Bears-21 Lions-27

Home field advantage and the fact that the Lions are just more talented than the Bears adds up to a hard-fought divisional win for the Lions.  That team is looking solid.  They win tonight and I think you can punch their playoff ticket.

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