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Dan “Carbomb” Carcillo gets my blood pumping

(ESPN)–“I don’t want to name names right now, but there is one guy on Vancouver I’d like to take a big piece of, and I think everybody knows who I’m talking about,” Carcillo said on “The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show” on ESPN 1000. Carcillo, a former Philadelphia Flyer who signed a one-year, $775,000 contract, named Maxim Lapierre as enemy No. 1 at his introductory news conference. And on Wednesday, he said: “Throw [Alex] Burrows in there, too.” The Blackhawks host the Canucks Nov. 6. The Blackhawks acquired the 6-foot, 205-pound Carcillo to provide some toughness that was perceived to be missing last season, especially during their first-round playoff series, which Vancouver won in seven games. And considering Carcillo has 986 penalty minutes in 282 career games, they might have found the right guy. “It’s hard for me to stay out of the principal’s office,” he said. “Every year I seem to get in trouble, but it’s part of my game. I guess I have a little problem with authority figures.”

Oooo BABY!!! New Blackhawks tough guy, Dan Carcillo sure does know how to sweet talk a hockey fan.  This is the second time since joining the Hawks that Carcillo has pulled at my heart-strings and made me weak in the knees by chirping about the Canucks.  Nobody hates the Canucks more than I do so when Carbomb says he is going to “take a piece out of” Max Lapierre and Alex Burrows, I get a big smile on my face.  Having John Scott is like having a nuke.  He’s a deterrent for the other teams, but you never really get a chance to see it in use.  Carcillo is a different story.  Being smaller, mouthier, and a better skater will make sure there are a lot more fireworks.  I for one can’t wait to see the guy in action.  I really wish he was available for the first two games against the Dallas Stars because I would love Carcillo to take a piece out of Steve Ott and Brendan Morrow as well.

A little something to wet your beak before Carbomb makes his debut…

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  1. michaela
    October 7, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    he should really invest in dentures

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