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EFFING BIEBER!!! Kid had a swagger coach.

(HuffPo)–Has Justin Bieber lost his swagger? Well, maybe. The teen singer’s so-called “swagger coach,” Ryan Good, has decided to move on to do bigger and better things, apparently. “All u asking..ryan is going to pursue some of his dreams…we encourage him 2 go after his. he will always b a part of this family. always,” Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun tweeted Monday. Good, whose official title was “road manager,” was a former assistant to Bieber’s mentor, Usher, and was brought on the Bieber bandwagon to help him with his image. “I have a swagger coach that helps me and teaches me different swaggerific things to do,” Bieber said in 2010, adding, “He has helped me with my style and just putting different pieces together and being able to layer and stuff like that.” Good also tweeted to fans Monday, thanking them for all their support. “Maaan. thanks for all the love. yall are great. the kid has the best fans in the world!!” he wrote. And of course Bieber chimed in on Twitter too, tweeting to Good, “Love u man.” Well, after Bieber’s over-the-top Staples Center date with girlfriend Selena Gomez, we think Bieber’s swagger will be just fine without Good in the picture.


Wide range of thoughts here.  First and foremost…this guy Ryan Good is a moron?  Biebs is coming out with a Christmas album and is still on top of his game.  Jumping off the Bieber train is a terrible idea. Secondly, no effing wonder Bieber is killing it.  He has had a swagger coach the whole time.  Meanwhile I am just going through life on instincts and self-taught swag.  If I had a swagger coach from the time I hit puberty I would be fresh to death.  I wouldn’t be blogging for the man, getting paid peanuts, and suffering from carpel tunnel and a sedentary lifestyle…that’s for damn sure.  I’d probably be the only NHL superstar ever elected to Congress by age 25 while his Christmas album was going double platinum.  I coulda been a contender…


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  1. michaela
    October 7, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    you totally have Bieber Fever now

  2. November 29, 2011 at 11:17 pm


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