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Columnist EJ Dionne Hasn’t turned on the news this week

(Newser)–Ever since President Obama got elected, the right has controlled the media conversation. We’ve gotten a picture of a president much further left than he really is, which has hurt progressives and moderates, writes EJ Dionne in the Washington Post: “The political center doesn’t stand a chance unless there is a fair fight between the right and the left.” So it’s time for progressives to unite with a Tea Party of their own. The president’s supporters got quiet after he won the election, and the administration liked that—because it didn’t need any new enemies. Trouble is, “the absence of a strong, organized left made it easier for conservatives to label Obama as a left-winger,” Dionne argues. Now is the time to build that organized left. Meanwhile, the administration needs to open up to outside support from a progressive movement like the ones that backed FDR and LBJ. Let’s “usefully instruct Americans as to just how moderate the president they elected in 2008 is—and how far to the right conservatives have strayed,” Dionne writes.

Is this E.J. Dionne guy a  shut in or does he work for a major media outlet? Hard to tell.  He says that the Left needs their own Tea Party.  Hey buddy…people are losing their god damn minds protesting shit on Wall St and other cities.  Pretty sure they aren’t the Tea Party, but man they seem just as crazy.  These are the types of people who drive me up the wall.  They ruin the political arena for everyone else.  I have no idea what these protests are about, but I don’t care.  It’s just a bunch of hipsters who needed something to do and want to feel like they are in Cairo or something.  Relax people, I can’t hear you about the noise.  I posted this video a few days ago, but this is exactly the type of elitist that I can’t stand.  Just an out-and-out attention whore.


Yeah bro, you’re real tough.  How about get out of the street, stop clogging up traffic so people can get to work.  Time is money, the economy sucks, and these hipsters trying to get on TV and youtube aren’t helping anything.



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