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NASA: We’ve Identified most of the killer astroids out there

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(Newser)–You can sleep easy tonight. Or easy-ish. NASA today announced that it has identified more than 90% of the giant asteroids out there that could threaten Earth (think dinosaur-killing size). “We know now where most of them are and where most of them are going. That really has reduced our risk” of an impact, says a NASA scientist. And as for mid-sized asteroids—those capable of demolishing a metropolitan city—NASA has reduced its estimate of the number in existence by 44%. But it hasn’t tracked many of them down yet. “Fewer does not mean none. There are still tens of thousands out there that are left to find.” NASA’s updated data comes compliments of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, which launched in 2009 to seek out near-Earth objects. For the largest asteroids—bigger than 3,300 feet across—NASA said 911 of the 981 thought to exist have been found, and none are poised to threaten the planet in the near future. As for the mid-size ones, it believes about 19,500 asteroids between 330 and 3,300 feet wide exist, reports the AP. About 5,200 of those have been IDed. WISE is not equipped to detect the more than a million smallest asteroids that could cause damage if they impact Earth.


Umm….WTF!?!?!? There are like 25,000 asteroids that could destroy the shit out of Earth in ‘the near future’ !?!?! Thanks for finding them science, now get off your ass and do something about it.  Maybe these NASA nerds don’t realize it because they never saw Armageddon, but asteroids are about the scariest thing in Space.  One asteroid pointed towards Earth is too many, but NASA is claiming that there are at least 25,000.  So they need to start fighting back.  Just start launching nukes at these bastards.  Send a message that Earth isn’t going anywhere.


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LOCK OF THE CENTURY: World Series Futures

September 29, 2011 1 comment

You should put your money on ANYBODY BUT THE YANKEES.  They lost that game on purpose last night to keep the Red Sox out of the playoffs.  So fine, whatever, that’s their right I suppose.  Having said that, it was a complete bush league move and damages the integrity of the game.  Everyone knew the fix was in before the game.  Vegas took the game off the board so you couldn’t even bet. Yankees are a joke.  Joke is on them though.  Baseball Gods are vengeful Gods.  They saw the Skanks lay down last night.  No chance in hell they are allowed to win the World Series.  Your money is safe with anybody else. Give me the Tigers in the AL and the Phillies in the NL.


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Can Someone Explain WTF Is going on in NYC?

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Alright, I have heard rumblings about hipsters occupying Wall Street, but full disclosure I haven’t paid attention to it for one second.  I have no clue what they are protesting or what they hope to accomplish or anything like that.  What I do know is that if this guy is a good representation of the people occupying Wall St, then I am 100% on Wall Street’s side.  I really feel like Hipsters like this asshole are just jealous of people from the 60s.  They just want something to protest.  I remember when I was in High School kids organized this HUGE sit in one day to protest girls’ rights to dress like sluts in school(seriously that’s what it was about…suburban white kid issues).  It was the dumbest shit I have ever seen.  Hundreds of kids just sat down in the middle of the hallway at the same time. Then when the faculty told them to gather in the court-yard so they could “talk”, they all moved like sheep and were promptly give detention or probation or some shit like that.

This dude has probably angry and protesting shit his whole life and just couldn’t resist the chance to protest on TV.  Just a total attention whore.  The only time I stopped yelling was to make sure the reporter was spelling his name correctly.  This kid is such an asshole it’s not even funny.  Hey bro, if your parents couldn’t pay their mortgage I am sure they don’t want to pay bail for your broke law student ass.

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I’d Play For This Guy Any Day: Mike Gundy Breaking It Down

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Mike Gundy is turning shit around at Oklahoma State.  They were NOTHING before he got there.  Once this video goes viral recruits will be COMING AFTER HIM.  He’s man, he’s 40, but he’s also a DANCING MACHINE.



PS: Barry Sanders Jr needs to just go ahead and make it official.  You’re going to OKST. Stop teasing Notre Dame.  Notre Dame should just focus on Keith Marshall. Take a look at Barry Sanders Jr here.  Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.



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Jets Rookie Returns Punt without his helmet: DUMB!!!

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If you are dumb enough to return a punt without your helmet, you probably didn’t have much use for that helmet to begin with.

PS: Only guys on the Jets are dumb enough to do something like this.

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Determination Defined: Who needs a bike with two wheels?

September 27, 2011 1 comment



So early this year I was giving the Ragbrai Race across Iowa serious consideration, but all I did was come up with a million excuses as to why I couldn’t do it.  I had to blog for the man, I haven’t gone more than 30 miles on a bike in my life, I have a shitty bike blah blah blah…well eff that noise. I am doing it next year.  I mean my bike isn’t great, but it has two wheels which is more than this guy can say.  Yet you don’t hear him bitching.  He’s just flying down the highway trying to make it to work, burn some calories, and lower his carbon foot print.  This has to be the most inspirational cyclist ever.  Lance Armstrong couldn’t do this.  One wheel guy for the win.


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Chris Christie for President!!! Gov. goes after Snooki

September 27, 2011 1 comment

(CNN Money)–Hey Snooki, you’re not welcome on the Jersey Shore. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie cut $420,000 in tax credits Monday that would have gone to 495 Productions, the company responsible for bringing the escapades of “Pauly D” and “The Situation” to the masses via MTV. Christie has two concerns: He doesn’t care for the tax credit program, and he really doesn’t like how Jersey Shore depicts the state. And that means no more “Snooki subsidy.” “I am duty-bound to ensure that taxpayers are not footing a $420,000 bill for a project which does nothing more than perpetuate misconceptions about the state and its citizens,” Christie said in a statement. That’s not all. The governor also has what his office called “long held, serious concerns” about the value of the entire New Jersey Film Tax Credit Transfer Program, a $10 million effort designed to bring more film and television production to the state. In a letter sent to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, Christie said that he has “no interest in policing the content of such projects,” and that the state must ensure “our limited taxpayer dollars are spent on programs and projects that best benefit the state.” Christie’s office said the tax credits would have covered production in 2009, when the show was based in New Jersey. The show — one of MTV’s biggest hits — decamped to Italy for its most recent season.


I LOVE THE FAT MAN!!!! The guy just gets shit done.  I rarely put my political views out there, but this is a guy I can get behind.  Anybody that is willing to put an end to Snooki is ok with me.  I am so tired of the Jersey Shore it’s not even funny.  There are enough of these assholes out at the bar on the weekend, I don’t want them dominating pop culture too.  This show should have been one season and done.  I can’t believe they were getting tax credits.  Christie is getting shit done.  Just knocked out The Situation and that other meat head dude with one piece of legislation. If he were president I bet “Real Housewives”, “The Kardashians”, “16 and Pregnant” and the entire Bravo channel would just disappear.  Now let’s get a SNACK!!!


PS: Snooki gets the most hate, but I find her probably the least obnoxious chick on that show.  And NOBODY is worse than Ronnie.  Always trying to interject himself into everyone’s “problems” and being like the house therapist.  Bro, you’re a effing moron. Just shut up.

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