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LOCK OF THE CENTURY: World Series Futures

You should put your money on ANYBODY BUT THE YANKEES.  They lost that game on purpose last night to keep the Red Sox out of the playoffs.  So fine, whatever, that’s their right I suppose.  Having said that, it was a complete bush league move and damages the integrity of the game.  Everyone knew the fix was in before the game.  Vegas took the game off the board so you couldn’t even bet. Yankees are a joke.  Joke is on them though.  Baseball Gods are vengeful Gods.  They saw the Skanks lay down last night.  No chance in hell they are allowed to win the World Series.  Your money is safe with anybody else. Give me the Tigers in the AL and the Phillies in the NL.


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  1. Will
    September 29, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Hey Mayor, what were the odds a month ago? Probably the Red Sox running away. What happened? I’m living in Yankee country and the coverage of the Sox long, painful, meltdown is disgusting and embarassing. This is worse than Buckner ! Yes, it was easy to blame one guy for one play but what went on in September is criminal. Who do you blame? Crawford ,the thief of $20 million, sucked all year…right up to the last, effortless play; Tito ? Reminds me of Grady leaving Pedro in too long…except he was asleep for a frigg’n month!?! Bye Bye Tito. And let Theo go to the Cubs ! He’s becoming for Yankee-like in his blowing of money. Enough of stupid baseball!.. Let’s Go Hawks!

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