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TWO Chinese POWER Moves in One Day

(Newser)–The Dalai Lama says it’s up to him to decide whether he should be reincarnated—and of course China isn’t having any of that. Beijing today dismissed any successor picked by the spiritual leader himself as illegal, following the 76-year-old’s statement this weekend that he’ll make a decision on reincarnation when he’s “about 90.” He said China shouldn’t weigh in on the choice; China, however, says that “the title of Dalai Lama is conferred by the central government and is illegal otherwise.” Traditionally, monks pick a young boy to be Dalai Lama based on signs he is the previous leader’s reincarnation, AFP notes. But “a Dalai Lama identifying his own successor has never been the practice,” says a rep for China’s foreign ministry. “The reincarnation of the Dalai Lama should follow religious rituals and historical conventions and laws and regulations of this state.” The current Dalai Lama said he planned to offer “clear guidelines to recognize the next Dalai Lama” while he remains “physically and mentally fit.” Meanwhile, two young Tibetan monks set themselves on fire today in China, calling for religious freedom.

Man, China is just asserting their authority left and right today. First they just delete an entire city like it was never there, now they are telling the Dalai Lama whether or not he can be reincarnated. People are always real sensitive about China and the Dalai Lama and Tibet for some reason. I don’t really get what the big deal is. It’s not like me to really ever agree with China, but I LOVE the fact that they just told the Dalai Lama he can’t be reincarnated. You know why…because I wouldn’t let my country be influenced by some dumbass monk either. Monks are just a bunch of pretentious assholes. They don’t do anything. They just spend their time up top of some stupid mountain, not talking to anyone, acting like they are so wise and shit, and occasionally they light themselves on fire as some bullshit protest for stupid things like the government telling you that you can’t be reincarnated. I think Monks are just the laziest people on earth. They have no jobs, they make no money, they don’t even wear pants. That is basically the exact same way I would describe some burnout hippies, and you don’t see people lining up to get advice from those morons. Monks are about the last people that should be giving out advice and if China bans this Dalai Lama’s reincarnation I am all for it. Being a monk is just the worst. As punishment for trying to be reincarnated without permission China should make this guy come back as a monk. Just another life time of no sex. Sucks to be you monk.

PS: I must have been one hell of a budhist because I got to come back as an American.

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