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College Football Week 4 Quick Hits

Great weekend of college football.  Conference play is getting underway and October is when the real season starts.  Here is what we know following week 4:

1.  People who were kind of sleeping on Florida before the season(a.k.a people like me) were dead wrong about the Gators:

Florida looks like they are back.  Demps and Rainey are as exciting as any players in the country and have that ability to score every time they touch the ball.  Florida last year was suffering for Tebow withdrawals, injuries, and a burnt out coach.  Urban Meyer left the cupboard STOCKED with talent.  A fresh face and an offensive system that fits QB John Brantley better has Florida looking like they could challenge for a conference championship. Next two weeks will tell the story for the Gators. They host Alabama then travel to Death Valley to face LSU.  Any way you slice it…the SEC is still king.

2.  LSU’s defense is SCARY

If I were John Brantley or anybody else on LSU’s schedule, I would literally SHIT myself if I had to play those guys.  They are crazy good.  Playmakers all over the field and they play mean.  LSU looks like they want to hurt people(not injure. There is a difference).  This might be the college football version of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens.  This is one of the most dynamic defenses I have seen in a long time.  I can’t wait for the Florida and Alabama games.  I wonder if Jarrett Lee can be good enough to win a close game against another great team.  Either way, this LSU defense should be recognized as one of the best in recent history.

3. Notre Dame’s offense is TERRIBLE

Notre Dame is wasting the best defense they have had since the early 1990’s with this dog shit offense that they have.  It’s a team game, but really the only thing holding them back is quarterback play.  Rees has been largely terrible and its time for ND to make a drastic move.  I really don’t think ND can go back to Crist at this point.  Its time to start giving Everett Golson some playing time.  Give Ohio State credit for recognizing that their veteran QB wasn’t getting it done and then turning to their freshman QB Braxton Miller.  If Rees is bad and only has half field reads, why not let Golson have a shot.  At least if things break down, Golson can use his legs to make something happen.  The read option game would also open things up for dynamic running back Cierre Wood.

4. The MAC is pretty decent

Week in and week out the MAC is competing hard against BCS level teams and has snagged a few wins.  Toledo, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Ball State, Bowling Green, and Temple have all had impressive games against top competition.  This is probably the deepest MAC field in years and will be one of the better Non-AQ conferences in 2011.

5.  mmm…Samantha Steele. So hot right now

I am in love and I don’t care who knows it.

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  1. donovan leonard
    June 26, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    It’s funny how notre dame offense sucked because they had two 1000 yard rushers a 2750 yard passer and the number two receiver in the draft Michael Floyd

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