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China is so EFFING SMART: Deleting Cities

(NPR)–Imagine a city like Los Angeles disappearing from the map completely. That’s exactly what happened to Chaohu, a city in eastern China’s Anhui province with a similar population — about 4 million. The people have remained, but the city has vanished in an administrative sleight of hand. That was the Kafkaesque reality for Chaohu’s inhabitants, who went to bed one night and woke up the morning of Aug. 22 to find out that their city no longer existed. For many, their first inkling that something had changed was from the local news. “Anhui province is today announcing the cancellation of Chaohu city,” the broadcast said. It went on to explain that the city once known as Chaohu had been divided into three. The nearby cities of Hefei, Wuhu and Ma’anshan each absorbed a piece of territory. The broadcast confusingly described the move as “an inherent need at a certain level of economic growth.”

Goddamn, China is so smart.  I mean deleting cities…effing brilliant China.  That’s the kinda problem solving we will never get out of Washington.  We got debt crisis coming out of our ass.  You know how to get out of paying for cities…just delete them.  Wipe them right off the map.  If Obama knew what the fuck he was doing he would just delete cities so fast it would make our heads spin. First city to be deleted should be either Detroit or Cleveland.  Nobody wants to live there anyways.  Nobody has ever gone on vacation there. All of their teams suck. Seriously, I don’t even think anybody would notice after a couple weeks.  Total after thought.  So come on Obama, its an election year. Take a page out of the Chinese playbook.  Just wipe Detroit and Cleveland off the map. Its easy…look—>

Herman Cain is coming for your ass Obama. Get it together.  Delete those cities. YES WE CAN!!!!

PS:  After looking at that Map of Ohio, we might as well delete all of their cities.  Akron…sucks, Toledo…sucks, Youngstown…sucks.  Columbus…sucks. Cincinnati…you’re ok…I like your chili.

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  1. michaela
    September 27, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    nope, Cincinnati sucks too

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