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Mid (19)20’s Dating Guide: Listen to your elders

(Oregon)–An elderly couple struggling to learn how to use a webcam have become viral video sensations after their granddaughter posted the fumbling footage online. Bruce and Esther Huffman, of McMinnville, Oregon, captured close to three minutes of themselves making faces at the camera and trying to navigate their new laptop. But they didn’t realise until the very end they were being recorded as she tried to take a picture.’Webcam 101 for Seniors’ has scored over 170,000 hits since it was posted on YouTube by the couple’s granddaughter on August 21. It begins with Bruce Huffman making faces as he looks at his image on screen. ‘Look at the monkey!’ he says, ‘That’s a pretty good monkey.’ Meanwhile his wife, Esther, is focused on the task at hand. ‘Did it capture? I put it on capture,’ she says, ‘Do it again.’ Bruce entertains himself, singing The Andrew Sisters’ Hello, My Baby, joking about their wrinkles, and sweetly compliments his wife’s ‘pretty hair’.


This YouTube video of these old people is going viral.  People getting a good laugh from watching these old fogies try to figure out the internet.  Well, maybe this guy would care about figuring out the interwebs if he wasn’t so busy spitting perfect game at this old broad.  His game is so tight.  This silver fox is such a boss I can’t even handle it.  The guy just gave the world a step by step to wheeling chicks.

Step 1: Make her laugh.  He went hard style with the monkey face here. She ate it up.

Step 2: Give her a compliment.  “Oh look at your pretty hair”…just too effing smooth.

Step 3: Be aggressive.  Chicks want dominant males.  This guy step to the plate big time and tried to slide her dress off

Step 4: Make a her a little insecure.  Guy starts with a little self-deprecating humor, then just tells her that her wrinkles are huge.

Step 5: Pop a Viagra and turn off the camera


Simply amazing.  This old grampa just gave a 101 on how to pick up chicks.  Some things never change I guess.


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