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Gov. Quinn to PA Gov. Ed Rendell “Pay up you fat bastard!!!”

(ESPN)–Illinois governor Pat Quinn is still waiting on the former governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, to fulfill a bet the two placed on the Stanley Cup finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers in 2010. The loser of the bet was to travel to the other’s state, wear a jersey of the winning team and work at a local food bank. The Hawks beat the Flyers in six games in June 2010 to snap a 49-year Stanley Cup drought. “I had to do a similar thing in Wisconsin when the Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs last season,” Quinn quipped on Wednesday morning at the opening of ESPNChicago’s new street-level studios. “I went up there and wore a Packers jersey, though I had (a) Gayle Sayers jersey on underneath. I think Governor Rendell needs to do the same here.” Rendell left office last year and contends it’s Quinn’s fault the bet was never paid off. “There were two dates set and Governor Quinn canceled both of them for business reasons,” Rendell responded Wednesday afternoon. “However, if the governor is obsessed with me coming in, I will do so even though I am no longer governor and we are no longer Stanley Cup rivals.”


What do you know….a politician failing to come through on his promise.  Look Rendell, the Flyers suck.  Don’t write checks your terrible hockey team can’t cash.  Somebody find this fat bastard an authentic Dusty Buff jersey to wear because that’s the only one that will fit him.  I bet Rendell is the one who stole that Game 6 puck too.  Just your typical scummy, lying, politician.


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