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Feeling pretty pretttyyyy good after nailing the over/under line from the Saints vs Packers game.  That might have been the easiest bet ever. Felt almost like stealing.  Since I am betting with house money before heading into the weekend and I am giving the people 5 College Football bets.  If you want to be a thousandaire by Sunday morning just parlay the shit out of these.

Mississippi State -5.5 @ Auburn

I am not nearly as hot on Mississippi State as most people seem to be.  Having said that…they are going to win this game by more than a touchdown.  Normally there’d be no way in hell I would bet against a home-dog in an SEC intra-conference game, but Auburn sucks. Needing an onside kick to beat Utah State at home isn’t a good way to start the season.  Auburn is young and will be a national title contender in 2013, but MSU runs away with this thing even though Relf sucks.

Stanford -20.5 @ Duke

Maybe the easiest game on the board.  For minute there I thought Duke was getting on track as a football program under head coach Dave Cutcliffe, but losing to Richmond proves that Duke football is still the opposite of Duke basketball.  Stanford wins this game by a wide margin. 20.5 isn’t nearly enough.

TCU -1 @ Air Force

Maybe this is a sentimental/patriotic pick as we come up on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, but I love Air Force in this game.  AFA is at home, and I am sure they want to win this game for the same reason I want them to.  Their crazy option attack and playing at a high altitude should give them the edge against a TCU team that is in transition big time. Air Force gets the home W. God Bless America.

Notre Dame -3 @ Michigan

This game is arguably generating the most buzz.  Two of the greatest programs in college football history, rivalry, national TV, and its the first ever night game at The Big House.  All the experts seem to be picking Michigan and I just don’t get it.  Even though Notre Dame completely sucked against USF they were still dominant.  It was the definition of Murphy’s Law in South Bend last week.  Law of averages says that ND gets the breaks this week.  Irish have a better offense and a better defense and it can’t get any worse than last week. Rees remains unbeaten as a starter.

South Carolina @ Georgia

Even though South Carolina has basically a functioning derelict for a quarterback, I still think they win this game on the road by more than a field goal.  Georgia simply doesn’t have enough experienced talent to beat South Carolina.  Mark Richt’s seat is going to get really warm with an 0-2 start which is too bad because he is a really good coach.  Georgia will be an SEC East contender next year.

These are the best five plays of College Football Week 2.  60% of the time I am right every time.

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