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Kate Middleton Pregnant with Twins!!!

(International Business Times)–Reports are buzzing around the web of Kate Middleton’s alleged pregnancy and it seems that the Buckingham palace is expecting its first “Royal Twins.” Although this is not the first time the Duchess of Cambridge has been rumored to be pregnant, Star Magazine is quick to confirm that the awaited pregnancy of Kate Middleton is finally real. The gossip paper says Middleton is currently carrying boy-girl twins, a first for Buckingham’s Royal Family. “Doctors confirmed the exciting baby news exactly 100 days after the April 29 royal wedding,” says the source to Star Magazine. The source added that the palace is currently “abuzz” with the news, and everybody seems to be excited, especially Prince William, who allegedly “almost fainted with so much joy” upon hearing the news. The source quickly stated that the Royal couple wanted to keep the pregnancy secret until the Duchess’ third trimester, but the exhilaration was too much that it just cannot be kept under the radar. Christopher Wilson, a biographer working solely on the Royal Family, says this news could be the biggest breakthrough of the Royal Family.”Kate was under enormous stress to produce an heir quickly. If she delivers healthy twins, it will be wonderful news – a royal first,” says Wilson in a report. But Royal Couple followers don’t have to ship baby gifts to the palace just yet, the palace say there is absolutely no truth to the rumor, and that the Royal Couple is still enjoying their quiet, intimate, and private time together in Kensington.

Sounds like the Royals didn’t waste anytime.  Didn’t think William had it in him.

Hopefully this will mean more pics of Auntie Pippa.  Seems like she has been hiding since this picture almost made the internet collapse


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  1. ori
    October 26, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    Is it true? I think it’s just gossip

  2. December 23, 2011 at 12:22 am

    I think that is true and is very suspicious that william now change the law so that a girl can govern …
    and if true children would be beautiful blond and blue eyes …
    they both really love each other

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