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Sideline Hotness Power Rankings

I might be in love with Samantha Steele…sorry Alex Morgan.  I watched the majority of the TCU-Baylor game last week and I can only remember two names from that game…Robert Griffin III and Samantha Steele.  Blonde and blue and just dominating my thoughts for 5 straight days.  I think Erin Andrews has been knocked out of the top spot.  Here are the top 5 hottest women on the sidelines.

1. Samantha Steele

2. Heidi Watney

3. Erin Andrews

4. Jenn Brown


5. Alex Flanagan


In all honesty, Samantha Steele doesn’t belong at the top of this list.  She is probably 3rd behind Watney and EA.  Having said that…the internet pics aren’t doing my girl Samantha justice.  She needs a photo shoot giving us blue steel and she needed it yesterday.  And by “she needs it”, I mean I NEED it.


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  1. December 2, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    The first picture for #5 is not Alex Flanagan, that is Jill Arrington

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