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Obama makes first HUGE blunder of 2012 campaign


The Republican Presidential Debate is tonight and Obama had originally planned to give his big jobs speech at the same time as the debate.  Republicans flipped their shit and Obama agreed to move his speech to Thursday…big mistake…huge.  Hey Obama, THE NFL SEASON STARTS ON THURSDAY!!! It’s the one day a year that everyone forgets that they don’t have a job.  Nobody wants to hear you speak tomorrow unless you are going to give people some inside information on the game so they can bet what little money they do have.  Furthermore…Wisconsin is a battleground state and they take their football very seriously up there.  They don’t want to see a Chicago guy interrupting their pregame coverage.  Obama is so disconnected with Americans it’s not even funny.  Cue the photos of him in mom jeans and a dorky Bears hat on Sunday to try to prove to Americans that he’s just a beer-drinking, football-watching, regular Joe like the rest of us.


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