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Welcome to Chicago Brandon “Holla Man” Meriweather

Exit Greg Olsen, enter Brandon Meriweather.  The Chicago Bears have signed former 7th Floor Crew member “Hollaman”.

This is a great signing by the Bears.  Meriweather, by all accounts, got cut by the New England Patriots because he was a moron.  However, the Patriots trash is often other teams’ treasure and I think Hollaman certainly fits that description.  Meriweather seems to be the type of safety that will really excel in the Cover 2 system the Bears deploy.  Hollaman is athletic and a big hitter in the secondary.  If he is allowed to freelance and just focus on half the field instead of making reads and calling the defense(like he was asked to do in New England) then Meriweather will have a chance to make a big impact for the Bears in 2011.  The Bears need more playmakers in the secondary and Meriweather has at times been a player who can create a lot of turnovers.  How quickly Meriweather picks up the new system will be the key to the Bears early success.

PS: I am by no means a prude and have said my fair share of sexist things in this space, but that song by the 7th Floor Crew has to be the most offensive 9 minutes in the history of music.

PPS:  I am thinking I need a Hollaman jersey

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  1. September 6, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    I hope you are right because as a fan I have been concerned with our secondary this pre-season we have been looking leaky.

  2. September 6, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    I agree. The DBs look shaky. Meriweather isn’t a probowl type Safety(even though he has been elected twice), but he should be better in the cover 2. Hollaman shouldn’t think, that will only hurt the ball club.

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