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Chicago Man Arrested for the 99th time: Father of the Year Candidate

MAYWOOD, Ill. (WLS)A Chicago man arrested for the 99th time when he was caught using his 3-year-old child as a ruse to beg for money pleaded guilty at his indictment hearing Monday and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Alberto Luis Alvarez, 37, of the 2500 block of North Harding Avenue, represented by a public defender, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice at his preliminary hearing, according to a release from Riverside police. About 2:30 p.m. Aug. 10, Riverside police received a call of a suspicious man stopping people on the street to ask for money and begging door-to-door in the 7200 block of West Ogden Avenue, a release from police said. Officers located Alvarez pushing a stroller with a small child inside, and when they questioned him, he refused to take his hands from his pockets, the release said. He then threw several clear plastic bags on the ground and tried to run away. Police arrested him after a brief struggle, and found more heroin in his pockets, the release said. After identifying Alvarez through fingerprints, it was discovered that he had 98 prior arrests and 23 convictions, ranging from burglary, robbery and larceny to assault, drugs and smuggling, the release said. He was also found to have 10 dates of birth, nine names and five Social Security numbers used as aliases. Riverside police chief Tom Weitzel called the case “simply mind-boggling” and described Alvarez as a repeat offender “who seems to laugh at the court system.” Investigators learned that Alvarez had been using his 3-year-old as a ruse to try and get money from residents by claiming to be injured, the release said. The child was turned over to a family member and the Department of Children & family Services was notified. Alvarez was originally charged with possession of a controlled substance, obstruction of a police officer (destroying evidence), resisting arrest and child endangerment, the release said. He was being held without bond in the Cook County Jail.


Arrested 99 times!?!?! That has got to be a record, right?  What do you get for getting arrested 100 times?  Set of steak knives is probably not the best lifetime achievement award.  In all seriousness…its time for this guy to consider a different profession because he is a terrible criminal.  He has been caught doing basically everything.

Now he is getting arrested for bringing his kid to work.  Look, I am sure the last thing Alberto Alvarez wanted to do was bring his whining, crying, pain-in-the-ass toddler to the office.  Daycare is expensive as hell these days and if the kid is going to be tagging along, he might as well put him to work.  Try to teach this kid the game.  It’s clearly Alberto’s dream to become a great criminal, but he’s just not cut out for it.  I feel his pain.  I desperately want to be a professional hockey player, and the only thing standing in the way of that dream was my lack of talent.  So guess who I am going to have live out my dream for me…my sons.  When my kids are 3 years old I will have them up at 5am to shoot 1000 pucks before breakfast.  What’s that Junior…you’re a natural lefty shot like your old man?…not so fast.  Right-handed shots are way more valuable on the power-play, so if I have to tie one arm behind his back to make him a righty then so be it.  It’s every father’s right to try to make their kids achieve their dad’s failed dreams.  If they fail…it means that it was probably impossible to begin with…but you might want to throw the grand kids at it just to make sure.


PS: This guy has 10 different birth dates, nine different names, and five different social security numbers. Are his 99 arrests all under the same name?  I feel like he has to be well over 100 arrests and some of them are under other names.  That’s pretty smart actually. Having a fake identity to take the fall for you every time you get in trouble.  Probably not much use to me now, but man it would have been sweet as a kid.  Those bad grades…my other identity didn’t do his homework.  Messy room…other identity left those clothes there.   Broken window…other identity can’t shoot a puck to save his life. All my shots were sniped top cheese.


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  1. michaela
    August 31, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    so he’s an illegal and arrested 99 times and yet has NOT been deported. you can thank the corrupt IL system for that. sure, let’s just continue to keep him in jail and give him a lawyer gratis for the next 200 times he is arrested before he’s eventually killed by a gangbanger or drug dealer.

  2. lydia
    June 4, 2012 at 2:04 am

    Dearest Michaela
    The sad part of your coomment is that He isn’t an Ilegal Immigrant, He happenes to be a natural born citizen, born and raised in Chgo, Ill. How do I know this? Sadly enough He is my Nephew. Am I embarresed? Absolulty, but that isn’t going too make him stop what He does, If only wishes came true, I have tried soo hard to help this Young Man, to no avial, Hopefully his time around he will have learned HIs lesson, since, he used His 3 y.o daughter, my great Niece, who has no fault in what her daddy does, or did. I cn only lift him up in prayer to God and hope that He get some sense of devine direction, ( wishful thinking on my part).
    and as for the cooment before your I sure do hope you don’t really mean what you said about tieing your child hand behind his back so that he can learn to hit a hockey puck with hsi right hand,, although I think you are funny, and I know you are being sarcastic,, still funny. I don’t think he left his house that morning intending to use his child has a form of gaining employement, hahaha but do I think he was in the WRONG absolulty. I have a big probelm with the court systen also, in Indiana a Man got life in prison, for smoking a JOINT because the judge wanted to teach someone a lesson,, that was a hard lesson to learn, Ihaven’t read anything else abouyt that case, because I figured, that judge may be reading these post and have me arrested for reading on his stupidity,,, but at any rate, my issue with the court system is just like Micaela, how could this possibly be, for someone to get arrested 99 times, and be let go that many more time. although I will admit he has done some serious time, but even that hasn’t made a dent in his thinking mechanism, actually I think his thinkning mechanism is fried.. at any rate, even thoughHe is my Nephew and I love him beyond mesure, I do think HE needs to be put away for a very very very long time, if oonly to save his own life…
    God bless you and again I hope none of your children ever take a wrong turn,, if only to avoid having people comment about them,,

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