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CMT Turning The Bachelorette On Its Goddamn Head

If you are like me and would never be caught dead watching ABC’s “The Bachelorette”, but now that the season ended you feel a real void in your life because it’s over. Even though the season finale was completely ridiculous and you hate Ashley now more than ever…whatever…

Anyways, CMT’s “Sweet Home Alabama” will make you forget that the Bachelorette ever even existed.  The girl on the show looks like how I think all girls should look.  Total sexbomb Southern Belle with blonde hair and blue eyes.  Then instead of having 20 or so cookie-cutter dudes like they have on The Bachelorette, Sweet Home Alabama is pitting rednecks against hipsters and guidos.  Country vs City.  One of the guys apparently dated both Angelina and Snooki from Jersey Shore….Touchdown! Fantastic concepts CMT.  Way hotter girl, ridiculous people, fighting, culture clashes, basically Sweet Home Alabama kicks The Bachelorette’s ass 6 ways from Sunday.  This is a show I can proudly watch.

CMT Thursdays 9/8cst.  Set your DVRs.

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  1. michaela
    August 2, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    this show looks totally fake. they are even copying the background music that the bachelor/bachelorette uses. forget this show—bring on bachelor pad!!! starting monday august 8th. set your dvrs

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