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What’s In a Name: Belmont Stakes Preview

If there is one thing I know about Horse Racing, its that you can’t win without a great name.  The Belmont Stakes is loaded with loser names this year.  Its going to be tough to find a great trifecta, but I’ll give it my best shot.


Nehro: 4-1

If you know your history, Nero was the Roman Emperor who burned down Rome by mistake.  Nero is  known as possibly the most evil Roman Cesars, and was also crazy.  Well, I am crazy too…like a fox.  Not sure if Nehro was named for Nero, but its the only thing I can think of.  I’ll take a Roman Emperor over the animal kingdom any day.

Schackleford: 9-2

Well in the past two Triple Crown races I had picked this horse to be a loser. I thought my logic was solid.  How fast can a horse be with shackles on its name?  Well, I was way off.  Shackleford won the Preakness.  Turns out logic was so flawed, but my method is still genius.  I put all the emphasis on the shackles and completed ignored the “ford” part.  Ford is a car, cars are faster than horses.  Ford even makes a mustang.  Man, sorry everyone.  Can’t believe I didn’t pick up on this one before.  Better late than never.

Master of Hounds: 10-1

Based on their names the rest of the field is full of losers, complete dogs.  So what better pick to finish 3rd than the Master of Hounds.

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