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Plaxico Burress is Free, is he on the Bears yet?

Plaxico Burress is out of jail and I want him on the Bears immediately, or as soon as this lock out is over(which I also want immediately).  Burress is has been out of football for a couple of years.  Some people might say that he’s rusty, I say that he’s rested.  His gunshot wounds shouldn’t really effect his speed as it was just a flesh wound.  I am sure he is jacked from doing push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups in his jail cell like all the criminals do on TV.  Burress should come back to the league prison strong and prison motivated. 

All joking aside the Bears need to make a play for Burress.  The front office has repeatedly failed to address the wide receiver position and Burress fits the mold of a big possession target for Jay Cutler.  So he’s had a long track record of legal trouble, so he’s been labeled by some as “lazy”, so he is stupid enough to shoot himself in the leg…he’d still instantly be the most talented and most polished receiver on the Bears.  Burress should come cheap, and he should be on his best behavior as he tries to rebuild his tarnished image.  It’s a win, win…win.  Make it happen Jerry Angelo.

Who doesn’t want to see him doing this in a Bears uniform next year?

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  1. BearsMahn
    June 6, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    I agree. Despite his obvious stupidity and unappealing track record, he still has better ‘catch-ability’ than Knox, Bennet, or Hester. However, I think the Bears should make sure to get another offensive guard the moment of FA begins (if it does), and then worry about Plaxico. Worst case scenario is that he isn’t able to get a microcosm of his previous talent, which shouldn’t drag this solid Bears team too much. So it may be a win-win-win, but at worst it’s just a ‘no gain’. I say go for it, Mr. Angelo! Nothing too lose (and some to gain, hopefully.)

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