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Why Gambling is Great

The Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City Thunder is exhibit A for the reason why I gamble.  I got in on this game at Dallas -5.5 because I bought a point off of the original Dallas -6.5 line.  With Dallas up 4 points in the final seconds of the game and OKC launching desperation three pointers, only gamblers were on the edge of their seats.  I was praying for a Dallas rebound and a OKC foul…not the case.  Terry comes up with a loose ball and runs down for an emphatic slam.  I was on fire.  I COULD NOT LOSE.  Last second meaningless dunks to cover at the end the game?  Are you kidding me? God is clearly on my side.  Then the score keeper took it off the board and my heart got ripped out temple of doom style.  I was thinking that this was a conspiracy of the highest degree.  ESPN showed 0.3 on the clock when the ball went through.  Beyondthebets.com really cleared this up for me so I’ll be able to sleep tonight.  I lost fair and square.  Still went 2-1 last night with the Lightning and the Mavericks on the moneyline.  Suck it Costa Rica.

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  1. BTB
    May 26, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Haha, yes, you weren’t cheated. But all of the other NBA conspiracies out there are very real.

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