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U-S-A, U-S-A!!! Bulls vs Heat preview

America hasn’t been this united in its backing for a team since the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” US Olympic Hockey Team stared down the Soviet Red Army.  There are so many similarities between the events.  The Bulls, like the 1980 US Hockey Team, are a team of young and hardworking underdogs who thrive under a team concept.  The Miami Heat are the professional arrogant superstars who believe that they can win just by showing up.  All Americas north of Havana are pulling for this Bulls team to pull a similar “upset”.  The Bulls shocked everyone with their 20 point victory in-game one.  Great start, but it won’t be indicative of the rest of the series.  Game 1 was a wake up call, the rest of the series will be a fight.

The Bulls played the second half of Game 1 exactly the way they need to.  They made Miami stand and fight.  Miami wants to use a small lineup and try to get the Bulls into a track meet.  The Bulls countered with incredible transition defense and rebounding.  The Bulls did exactly what the Celtics couldn’t do after they traded Perkins.  The Bulls are using their size to attack Miami where they are weakest, which is at their front line.  The Miami Heat do not have a traditional big man on their roster who can bang down low with Noah, Boozer, Gibson, and Asik.

If the Bulls have their way, tonight’s matchup will be a slugfest.  Low scoring, shots taken late in the possession.  Make Miami work for every basket.  That’s the Chicago way.  I personally believe that Miami will match the Bulls intensity and will make this a classic game and series.  At the end of the day, I think the Bulls come away with another win on home court.  MVP Derrick Rose had a “quiet” 28 points in the first game.  I think he elevates his game and plays more efficient, while also playing more aggressive.  Bulls win a low scoring game.  BetDSI has the total points line at 181.5, I’ll take the Bulls 92-86 coming under that total. 

Do it for America Bulls!!!  We all bleed red…


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