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Ugh…Obama is so effing cool I can’t even stand it. Singing with BB King

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment



Son of a bitch!!! How the hell are the Republicans supposed to compete with that?  The Presidential election, unfortunately, is a popularity contest.  That’s all.  Employment could be 9.5% for years, gas prices could be $5 per gallon, mandates coming out our ass, and an impending crisis with Iran…none of that matters.  Obama is just the coolest kid on the block.  If you really think one of these three guys can beat him give me some of whatever you’re smoking…


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Obama vs Romney Sing-off

February 1, 2012 Leave a comment


Willard Mitt Romney has no chance in November.  No matter how much Romney wants to talk about stuff like the 15 Trillion dollar debt, a shitty economy, China, and American principles, the Presidential election is still a popularity contest and its impossible to beat the cool kid in a popularity contest.  Obama’s voice sounds like peanut butter on velvet. Smooth on top of smooth.  Romney sounds like Screech Powers(and not the Screech who sang in the glee club or for “Zack Attack”).  This election is all but wrapped up.  Might as well vote for Newt so at least everyone can see Obama get embarrassed in the debates.  I mean, just look how cool Newt used to be…


Yeah…it doesn’t matter.  Obama swag for the win.


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