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Turns Out Women Can’t Drive Anything: Women’s Moto XGames

August 1, 2011 1 comment

A few weeks ago I did a blog post about a University of Michigan study about how women are worse drivers than men…thanks Michigan for that shocking revelation.  Anyways, this clip shows that even the best women Moto drivers are terrible.  Only took about 2.7 seconds for them all to crash.  I am really ready for ESPN to stop showing women’s sports.  I would argue that its patronizing women.  Having women’s sports on TV is like putting some dogshit picture your kid scribbled up on the refrigerator.  “Look it kid, nice attempt but I have no effing clue what that picture is supposed to be.  It sucks.  Keep at it and maybe someday you’ll do something fridge worthy.” Same theory applies here.  Nobody really wants to watch women’s sports or talk about them, people just do it to be nice or politically correct.  People who tried to tell me how great the women’s world cup was were really just the biggest misogynist pigs I have ever met.  I respect women.  I see them as equals.  Which is why I have no problem telling them that they are completely inferior to men.

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This Video Sums Up The Women’s World Cup

July 19, 2011 Leave a comment



Trying to be cool.  Trying to show that they can hang with the boys.  Drawing lots of attention and anticipation…then just totally falling on their face.  This girl shouldn’t try to ride her bike like a guy, and women shouldn’t try to get the hype machine going for their sports.



PS:  This doesn’t apply to Alex Morgan.  She can do whatever she wants.  If she wants to try to be a professional soccer player…cool.  I would prefer it if she was just professionally adorable though.


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If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody give a shit?: Women’s World Cup of Soccer

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey ESPN, enough already.  Nobody cares about the women’s world cup.  It’s seriously probably the worst thing they have ever crammed down my throat.  News flash ESPN, a topless Brandi Chastain isn’t walking through that door.  I get that they probably dumped a whole bunch of cash on the exclusive rights to this event immediately after the post game strip celebration in 1999, but its time to cut your losses and give people something better like ping-pong.

PS: How is there so much money for women’s sports on a professional level? I know that Title IX exists for college and high school, but this is America.  Is ESPN actually making money on this? They can’t be.  On a similar note, the Chicago Sky WNBA team has billboard ads all over I-90.  How can they possibly afford that.  Those cost like 14k/per month in those locations.  That’s more than they make in an entire season.

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