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Russia Just Made The Ballsiest Monopoly Move Ever

August 19, 2011 Leave a comment

(Newser)–A mere million bucks will soon earn you five days in a futuristic hotel, as long as you enjoy traveling at 17,500 miles an hour and having stellar views of planet Earth. The nimbly titled Commercial Space Station, designed by a Russian company, is the latest in a series of private sector plans to lure millionaires into casual space travel. It includes gourmet foods, a space-age shower, and choice of horizontal or vertical bed. Booze, however, is a no-no, notes International Business Times. Mashable can’t help wondering whether the $1 million price tag is realistic, considering that the US and Russia recently agreed that a round-trip to outer space on a Soyuz rocket would gobble up $51 million. If Commercial Space Station proves too costly when it premieres in 2016, you can always aim for one of the nine other private space journeys currently in the works.


A MILLION DOLLARS IF YOU LAND ON THE RUSSIAN SPACE HOTEL!?!?!  God damn it, that’s a game changer if I have ever heard one. That makes owning hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk look like renting a basement studio on Baltic Avenue. I don’t think anybody saw this move coming when America forfeited the Space station to Russia a few months ago.  We are going to have to mortgage everything just to stay in the game. Shrewd move Putin, very shrewd.



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