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September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

(Time)–In Russia this weekend, an image went viral of Vladimir Putin as he might look in his 70s, withered and morose, his jowls packed into the collar of a general’s uniform. The drawing pulsed around the Russian blogosphere like the signals from a pinched nerve, making visual sense of the political future that Russians faced on Saturday. That was the day it became official: Putin, who is now Prime Minister, will run for President next spring, opening the door for him to reclaim his throne for another 12 years — until the ripe old age of 71. Barring some kind of revolution, this amounts to the prospect of another Kremlin leader for life, a tradition that stretches back 450 years to the reign of Ivan the Terrible, Russia’s first Czar.

I guess Putin is done with his little hiatus as the official leader of Russia.  Some guys just aren’t meant to be retired.  I hear old guys complain about this all the time.  “There is only so much golf you can play people get the urge to go back to work”.  That’s what happened here with Putin.  Only instead of golf it was the old saying “there are only so many sluts you can nail, whales you can harpoon, formula-1 cars you can drive, tigers you can kill, fighter jets you can fly, and guys you can karate kick to the head before you get the itch to take over the world again.”

You know you’re a baller when the current President and other potential candidates unanimously applaud the decision for you to take their job back.  Putin is as boss as it gets.  All the Obama-Swag in the world can’t stop Putin.  America is so screwed.  Cold War II is on.

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