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Thoughts on Peyton Manning

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment


I watched a replay of the Peyton Manning press conference last night and it just confirmed what I was already feeling.  I feel bad for Peyton.  Patriots vs Colts has defined the last decade in the NFL and it was always my favorite rivalry.  I loved watching the Pats play the Colts.  Brady and Manning are the two greatest QBs in NFL history(in that order) and it was always a game I circled on the schedule.  I hate Peyton Manning, but god damn it I respect him.  He works hard, competes hard, and is just a pro’s pro.  My hate for the Colts and Manning was so different from say my hatred for the Jets.  All the Jets do is talk shit and think winning Wild Card games means you actually won the Superbowl.  They are a joke.  I hate the Jets because they are punks.  I hate the Colts because they push the Patriots and Tom Brady to be the best.  I don’t want Peyton to go to the Jets.  Not because I hate the Jets more than any team in sports, but because Peyton Manning deserves better than to play for a fat ass circus clown.  Best of luck to Peyton.  Please stay out of Miami.  Seattle, Arizona, and San Francisco are all great towns.


PS: Hey Colts fans…congrats…you’re irrelevant again.  The only time people will ever mention Indy and Superbowl in the same sentence  is when they are talking about host cities. The rivalry with the Patriots is officially over and we won.  But hey, you still have Butler basketball…oh what’s that…they didn’t make the tournment…sorry.  Looks like you literally have nothing then.


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Peyton Manning Replaces Jay Cutler as the Biggest Bitch in the NFL

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Well thank you Peyton Manning for taking the title of biggest bitch in the NFL away from Jay Cutler.  Fans, media, and other NFL players just straight murdered Jay Cutler for months because he wasn’t able to play on an MCL that was hanging by a thread.  Jay’s injury was a direct result of a gutless cheap shot by the Packers, and Peyton’s is probably from reading cue cards or looking up in the standings at Tom Brady.  Where is the mob with torches and pitchforks on twitter and ESPN calling out Peyton for being soft?  All I ever hear about is how smart he is and how quick his release is and how he never gets hit.  Well if he didn’t get hit why is his neck sore? Sounds to me like he needs an Advil and a tempurpedic pillow.  Jay Cutler is about 100 times tougher than Manning.

PS: An Indy media guy I know is saying Peyton may be out for the entire season.  Let’s say that’s not true, but Manning misses more than just week 1.  How many games can Manning miss before the Colts are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs? 2 games? Maybe 3?

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