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Patrick Kane is on a different level

October 26, 2011 Leave a comment


Full disclosure, I have always loved Patrick Kane.  His game is so unique.  He has tremendous skill and vision.  I have an extra appreciation for guys like Kane and Campbell because I could NEVER do the types of things that they do.  Having said all of that…Kane has taken his game to an entirely different level.  A level I didn’t know he could get to.  He is controlling the game.  The move to center was pure genius. Giving Kane more time on the puck and more space to work plays to his strengths and also forces him to be more responsible in his own end.  If Kane keeps this kind of play going, Hossa stays healthy, and the Blackhawks find a real top 6 player to play with them(Sorry CarBomb, you’re a 4th line guy), Kane just may win the scoring title and maybe the Hart Trophy.  His game is that special right now.  Blackhawk games should be appointment TV for hockey fans in every market.  He alone is worth the price of NHL center ice.


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