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NFL Lockout Victim: HBO’s Hardknocks

July 26, 2011 Leave a comment


Training camps are going to basically start on time, so can someone explain to me why HBO isn’t going to do Hardknocks this year?  Hardknocks is easily the best thing about the preseason. Cromartie trying to name his kids was one of the best moments in the history of TV.  My vote is Minnesota for Hardknocks.  Crazy ass Jared Allen, rookie quarterback, big fat Williams twins, and I think Mike Singletary is going to be one of their coaches if I am not mistaken.  He needs to be mic’d up forever.


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Who needs Plaxico Burress, Randy Moss or Santonio Holmes when Brd. Smith is Available?

July 26, 2011 1 comment

Day one of NFL free agency and Jerry Angelo is already disappointing me.  Rumors are swirling that the Bears will add to their receiving core like everyone has been begging for.  The Bears have a TON of cap space.  Some of the most in the league.  They  could easily target a game breaking wide receiver like Plaxico Burress, Randy Moss, Santana Moss, or Santonio Holmes.  So who are they going after…Brad Smith.  Are the Bears really in need of a former option quarterback who played a lot of wildcat for the Jets? Brad Smith had 4 catches last year.  What would be the point of signing him?!?! UGH ANGELO MAKES ME SO MAD.  It only took a day for me to want him fired again.


PS: Of all the guys listed above Santonio Holmes seems like he would be a perfect fit for the Martz offense.


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July 26, 2011 Leave a comment


Other than having Adam Schefter in my grill for the next 72 hours, I am pumped for the NFL.  This video is alright.



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Don’t Quote Me On This, But There Is A 200% Chance Kristen Cavallari Reads My Blog

July 25, 2011 1 comment

(Chicago)–If a tweet by entertainment reporter Billy Bush is to believed, the engagement between Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and reality TV star Kristin Cavallari is off. Bush, a reporter with “Access Hollywood,” tweeted the news early Sunday morning from what he called, “a super-tight source.” Grizzly Detail has not independently confirmed the report, and shares skepticism with The Big Lead writers who similarly couched their report. Cutler and Cavallari have been dating since they met early last season, and since the two got together, Cutler has been covered by TMZ as much as ESPN. Just this month they announced that they had set a wedding date for July 7, 2012.

Ok…if there was any ever doubt that hot girls like Kristin Cavallari read this blog, those doubts have now been put to rest permanently.  Last week I said: “PPS:  How the hell did Cutler land Cavallari?  I know he is an NFL QB and everything, but Cutler doesn’t exactly look like Tom Brady.  If it was possible for an NFL QB to outkick his coverage, Cutler totally did it.”  Well…looks like I really got through to Kristin Cavallari because the wedding is now off.  I mean just look at the pictures above.  Cutler is a soft 4 on a 1-10 scale in the celebrity world and Kristin is a hard 9.  Too big of a gap to make up.  I feel kind of bad for ending an engagement.  But lets be honest, that marriage was never going to last.  Saved my quarterback a lot of time and heart ache.  She was clouds in his coffee.  Now he can find a girl that’s not a celebrity who is hotter than Cavallari and he becomes an 8 because of his NFL status.  You can thank me later Jay.


PS: Jay Cutler couldn’t be reached for comment, but I think we can all assume his direct quote will be “uhhh, whatever…”

PPS: Kristin…I know you dig my bloggerswag, contact me.

PPPS: Kristin Cavallari isn’t even that hot…for a celebrity.


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Plaxico Burress is Free, is he on the Bears yet?

June 6, 2011 1 comment

Plaxico Burress is out of jail and I want him on the Bears immediately, or as soon as this lock out is over(which I also want immediately).  Burress is has been out of football for a couple of years.  Some people might say that he’s rusty, I say that he’s rested.  His gunshot wounds shouldn’t really effect his speed as it was just a flesh wound.  I am sure he is jacked from doing push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups in his jail cell like all the criminals do on TV.  Burress should come back to the league prison strong and prison motivated. 

All joking aside the Bears need to make a play for Burress.  The front office has repeatedly failed to address the wide receiver position and Burress fits the mold of a big possession target for Jay Cutler.  So he’s had a long track record of legal trouble, so he’s been labeled by some as “lazy”, so he is stupid enough to shoot himself in the leg…he’d still instantly be the most talented and most polished receiver on the Bears.  Burress should come cheap, and he should be on his best behavior as he tries to rebuild his tarnished image.  It’s a win, win…win.  Make it happen Jerry Angelo.

Who doesn’t want to see him doing this in a Bears uniform next year?

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